Do you want to work in the suite of Royal?

You will like the first-class ambience of Royal with friendly, relaxed atmosphere and you will feel very comfortable. Many pleasant guests are coming to our house.

This means to you:
Best job opportunities and potential earnings.

We offer you fair conditions and you are free of force and regulations. Furthermore you can arrange your services how you want.

If you want to work freelance, you are very welcome at us.
Just come by and have a look at Royal!

We offer you an exclusive ambience with a really friendly and extreme relaxed atmosphere. In short you will have excellent work conditions.

If you want to earn money in addition with a lot of fun, come by to our house and have an unforced look.
We will treat you fair and the same we expect also from you.

▪ You are minimum 18 years old
▪ You do every day personal hygiene
▪ You have good manners
▪ Confidentiality is naturally for you
▪ Sex with strangers is no problem for you
▪ You work freelance and self-employed

We are happy to get a call from you.

☎ +49 (0)30 – 857 31 688